NANTES 워드프레스 테마 업데이트

NANTES 워드프레스 테마 업데이트



업데이트 내역

Nantes v1.10 ? Jan 28, 2015

- New block: Masonry-Images
- Slider in shop page
- Fix in author page
- Minor fix in blog "side-by-side" 
- Framework plugin updated
// nantes/author.php
// nantes/builder/blocks/block-masonry-images.php
// nantes/builder/functions-builder.php
// nantes/builder/page-builder.php
// nantes/css/base-nr.css
// nantes/css/base.css
// nantes/css/dev/base-nr.css
// nantes/css/dev/base.css
// nantes/functions.php
// nantes/
// nantes/readme.txt
// nantes/style.css
// nantes/woocommerce/archive-product.php
Update instructions (only for this update): update Nantes and the Lollum Framework plugin. After that, switch to another theme (in WP > Appearance > Themes) and switch again to Nantes.

Nantes v1.9 ? Jan 13, 2015

- Minor fix in shop table cart
- Minor fix in "read more" tag
// nantes/css/dev/woocommerce-nr.css
// nantes/css/dev/woocommerce.css
// nantes/readme.txt
// nantes/style.css
// nantes/templates/blog/markup/post-content.php
// nantes/woocommerce/css/woocommerce-nr.css
// nantes/woocommerce/css/woocommerce.css


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어플같은 쇼핑몰 테마

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Simple Article – WordPress Theme For Personal Blog

Simple Article – WordPress Theme For Personal Blog

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Simple Article – WordPress Theme For Personal Blog

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